Tiny House Blog’s Fifth Anniversary

grand prize

I’m excited to announce the Tiny House Blog’s five year anniversary!

Five years ago on the 24th of May, 2007. I published the first post called Montana Mobile Cabins, you can check the post out here. I then invited a few of my friends to come and visit the blog. It has gone through several changes in appearance since that time and has grown extensively. From just a few visitors at the beginning, the blog now reaches around 12,000 visitors a day from around the world.

In the beginning I could only find a couple of people who were building tiny homes and living small, now I can’t keep up with them and several other tiny house blogs have come into existence to help fill the gaps. Please continue to share your projects and stories with me at the Tiny House Blog.

To celebrate, I have made arrangements with many of our tiny house vendors to donate prizes. And the Tiny House Blog is contributing also.


1st – One night in Dee’s Little House in Washington State
2ndFagor Portable Induction Cooktop
3rdWonder wash Washing machine

Here is what I need you to do to enter for a chance to win one of these great prizes: In the comment section below tell me: 1. What is your favorite Tiny House Blog post? and 2. Why it is your favorite?

I will then contact the winners and they will be announced in a post Friday, June 1, 2012. Thank you for helping make this possible! I appreciate your loyalty and the fact that you keep coming back. Let’s look forward to the next five years.

grand prize

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Stacey - May 27, 2012 Reply

1. I loooove the tiny tack house.
2. It is beautiful, great photography AND their plan for living was the smartest I’ve seen!
This website is my FAVORITE! I check it out every single day and am going to attempt to build a tiny house soon. Thanks for all the inspiration.

Sarah - May 27, 2012 Reply

My favorite small house post has been the Wheelhaus Wedge. I follow this site becuase I plan on building my own small house at some point and though I have been inspired by other houses in the past and continue to be inspired by many of the posts on this blog, the whealhuas just hit the spot and included everything that I would want in a tiny house. Thank you for providing a great resource!

Curtis Rosinbaum - May 27, 2012 Reply

My favorite Post? That is so very difficult, since there have been so many posts that I have enjoyed over the years.I enjoy looking at the diffrent house plans over the years. I guess one of my favorite current posts, is of the Blonde Coyote. That woman is amazing!She inspired me to at least take to the road soon.

Joy - May 27, 2012 Reply

I really like the recent turning an rv into a tiny home one. I think I like it because my husband and I live in a “small” home (708 so not tiny but a huge down size from our previous 3000+ square feet) and I really want a small rv esque type thing in the yard – mainly for my daily yoga time and really so there is another space for guests (or airbnb guests which I’d love to host as that’s mostly how we travel)

Sarena - May 27, 2012 Reply

I would have to say “Billie’s Big Little House” because I used it as inspiration for a little house design I am about to build. I was totally in love with the idea of living tiny after finding this site and have been living in a 350 sf converted garage for over a year while I worked out what to build. So glad I did because I am not one of those who can do “tiny” I’m more of a “small” I need larger surfaces on which to do art projects. I absolutely love the tiny house blog….thanks for putting it out there!

Allison - May 27, 2012 Reply

I really love the Tiny Tack House entry that was just posted recently. The space was so well-planned and I was re-inspired to pursue a tiny house lifestyle. I even tweeted that day:


I love this blog! Thanks for all the inspiration and encouragement you provide through it.

Andy Hawkins - May 27, 2012 Reply

Hi Alex, congratulations of 5 years of sharing and promoting something we are all passionate.

My favorite post would have to be http://www.tinyhousetalk.com/turning-less-to-more/

I like it so much because it speaks to all of us no matter how far along our own tiny journey we are. Whether we’re in the planning stage, the building stage, the living stage or just the daydreaming stage, there is something very powerful we can ALL take away from this post.

    Kent Griswold - May 27, 2012 Reply

    Hi Andy, this is Kent from the Tiny House Blog, I’m afraid Alex has only been up a couple of years. People get everyone’s blogs mixed up so no problem but just wanted to let you know.

Mark - May 27, 2012 Reply

For my wife and I, it would have to be Jon’s Cabin in Wisconsin. We were pleasantly surprised to discover that his cabin was made not too far from where we live. We’ve visited the Amish fellow that makes these several times and are hoping to have one built for us (16′ x 24′) sometime in the future. If it hadn’t been for the Tiny House Blog, we may have never known of their existence. Thank you, Kent!

Whitney Douglas - May 27, 2012 Reply

I especially valued the post on the possibility of building a tiny house in a historic neighborhood. As much as I would love to live in a more rural area, due to my profession that is less likely until I retire. I’ve always loved and have frequently lived in historic neighborhoods, and it makes me happy to know that my tiny house dream could be possible sooner rather than later.

MaritS - May 27, 2012 Reply

Virtually every post provides inspiration. It is so wonderful to see so many people all over the world working to create tiny houses. Thank you for making it possible to learn something new every day.

Since I have to choose, I would say weeHouses is my current fav. Modernist design is a great match with tiny spaces and their designs are excellent in the landscape.

Mishell - May 27, 2012 Reply

Definitely Jason’s Molecule Tiny Homes! I have been really disappointed in the lack of windows in the tiny homes I’ve seen, but his surf shack was incredibly light and bright. Sliding glass doors even…

karin - May 27, 2012 Reply

Love Tiny House Blog! Learn new things every time I read it. My favorite post is probably either the solar power issue you recently sent out, as this is my current obsession, or the holiday decoration edition, because I was so inspired by the beauty. Thanks for what you do, and I look forward to seeing my tiny house on Tiny House Blog someday soon!

Martha Doane - May 27, 2012 Reply

“Kirsten’s Innermost House Video
by Kent Griswold”

OH. MY. I have watched this video many , many times and absolutely long for the simplicity of this lovely jewel of a home.

Flannery - May 27, 2012 Reply

Just recently found this site when my boyfriend and I were deciding whether or not we wanted to move into a 300 sq ft cabin.

Now I’m totally hooked and want to build one of my own someday.

I loved the Tack House post from the other day. Any post with lots of pictures or personal experiences about living in a tiny house always gets my attention.

Kurt Schneider - May 27, 2012 Reply

Favorite: Living in a Pop-up Tent Trailer in Baja Mexico

Why?: My living space has been getting smaller over the past five years, and becoming more portable in the process. I’d always wanted to go for an extended stay in a place like Baja, and this story was a reminder that, with a little more planning, I’m not that far off.

Steve - May 27, 2012 Reply

My favorite post, far and away, is the “1972 tradewind defies it’s age” one about Matthew Hoffman’s renovated airstream. I’m obsessed with small living, particularly in an Airstream, but am 6’5″ so I loved that he addresses his design for tall folks. I’ve been following HofArc ever since and never would’ve found them if it weren’t for this great blog!

Craig - May 27, 2012 Reply

My favorite post to date is the post about the garage renovation in Bordeaux:

It’s my favorite post because it shows you don’t have to settle for available housing when what you’re looking for is well designed small housing. It also demonstrates how tiny housing can comfortably fill the cracks of urban spaces, living harmoniously among the more standard dwellings and offering intelligent alternatives to those of us who wish to live more sustainably.

My wife and I are in the process of moving from Washington, DC to Seattle, Wa and are downsizing from a 2200 square foot house and hoping to follow the lead set by Jérémie Buchholtz in the article.

Thank you Tiny House Blog for providing the inspiration that has built our passion for well designed tiny homes all these years and introducing us to so many brilliant designs to fuel our imagination.

Jacob L - May 27, 2012 Reply

It feels like cheating, but the most recent house in a landscape post is probably my current favorite. Everything about that house is just perfect, and I can’t help but want it.

Jerry - May 27, 2012 Reply

First, I’ve been wanting to write to thank you, Kent, for keeping this blog so active on a daily basis. That’s a lot of work that you do, and as someone who checks for my daily dose of inspiration, I really appreciate it. Congrats on the anniversary!

Picking a favorite is difficult. There is so much inspiration that I get from you and Dee and Deek and Jay and just so many others, but I think that one of my favorites is of a Tumbleweed that was put together by Brittany. She impressed and inspired me, and I loved her sense of design (and the Buddhist prayer flags!). She gave me a lot of great ideas for the home that I will eventually build.

ben - May 27, 2012 Reply

1. I think Jay Shafer’s Tumbleweed article will have to be my favorite.
2. Why? Because seeing articles and videos of what he did was so amazing to me that it set me down a path to living a smaller and more sustainable life! And for that I am most grateful. Thanks Jay! And thanks to Kent Griswold for starting the tiny house blog! 🙂

Ellen Murphy - May 27, 2012 Reply

Oh gosh there’s been so many great posts… I love this blog. I’ve been fascinated with small houses and small house living ever since I stumbled across Lester Walker’s Teeny Tiny Houses when I was in high school. But if you really want me to narrow it down to one favorite post, I’m going to have to say the post about the couple in England that converted a coastal bath house to a fabulous little house. I’m a little bit partial to that one, since I sent you the link to the article I found on it, and you gave me credit for the link in your blog post. 🙂

Alisha - May 27, 2012 Reply

First, I’ve got to say I LOVE Tiny House Blog! I found out about you through Pinterest, signed up through Facebook and absolutely love getting the blog.

My favorite so far has been the recent Rustic Texas Victorian by Tiny Texas Houses. I have dreams of one day owning a tiny house and this one fits all my needs. It seems very spacious. I love the shabby chic/upcycled feel of the place. I noticed several uses of space which save on unwanted square footage…clever space usage.

Here’s to many more years of Tiny House Blog! Keep up the great work!

Beth Brown - May 27, 2012 Reply

I had to search for the photo of my favorite post and it was ‘Simon’s Eco-house” from March 17 2008. Being a hermit at heart, this in ground house with its whimiscal inside really appealed to me. I could so see myself living here with my quilts, dogs, and memories! My dad, who was a forester, died 3 days ago and I just know that this would be his favorite too!

Keely Smith - May 27, 2012 Reply

My favorite post is the Vardo with such color and fun, like Gingerbreading! There is not a subtle statement by any means. Everything is there, and it is mobile. I cannot wait to build my own tiny house. I suspect that in the end, the finished product will take something from many of the wonderful posts on the Tiny House Blog. Thanks to all. There is no limit to the imagination!

Cookie - May 27, 2012 Reply

It is difficult to pick a favourite, but since it must be done, I really liked Laird’s Yukon modern tiny home.


Up here in Canada it’s amusing to see people concerned about whether there’s room to squeeze an air conditioner into their tiny home. When it can hit -40° out you have other worries.

I liked Laird’s house because it addressed the realities of cold weather: windows are good, but they’re a source of heat loss so you can’t have too many. Yet his placement gave both a sense of whimsy and a view. Additionally, I am more of a modernist in my home preferences: while twee doilies and such are fine in their place, I get overloaded quickly with all that stuff. Laird’s modernist approach, and his free-floating open-plan loft, really appeal to me. And finally, I occasionally suffer from gout: tight quarter ladders to get up to the loft fill me with dread. Laird’s design incorporates stairs. While a ground-level bedroom would be best for me, a convertible chesterfield in the living room would work during an attack, and the stairs would give me acceptable access the rest of the time.

The only thing his design lacks is a porch, and since those are only useable 4 months out of the year up here, that’s not a big loss.

Huge kudos to him. I was sorry to read that he’s having to fire-sale his model 2 for financial reasons. I hope it works out.

Rand Howard - May 27, 2012 Reply

My favorite post is the one on “Sheep Wagons” by Christina Nellemann from a few years ago. Because, it reminded me of my families ranch in Colorado, although they were way to small for long term living, they were great for sheep camp during the summer.

Jordan - May 27, 2012 Reply

Favorite post: So many to choose from, but I have to say the FLOATING RETREAT from Sept. 2008 – the Swedish floating home you have pictured across the top of your webpage.

When I first stumbled upon your website this past fall, I saw that house and fell in LOVE with it – I am a water girl and need to be close to water and that house stole my heart. Thus my T.H. Fix began. I then spent hours and days going through all your previous posts getting hooked more and more on tiny houses until … well let’s just say I can’t go a day without my Tiny House Fix or I feel like my day has not been complete. I’m like a little kid racing home from work to see what new post Kent has up and what brilliant idea some tiny house builder has come up with. My only problem with Kent’s blog is that all the tiny house builders he posts have to stop coming up with so many great ideas! My tiny house is turning into a tiny mansion trying to incorporate all the brilliant ideas!! I haven’t been able to start building my tiny house yet because I can’t decide which cool features to include! 8^) But I LOVE seeing them all, so PLEASE keep them coming Kent! Congratulations and here’s to another 5 + years of great posts!

Fran - May 27, 2012 Reply

I discovered your site about two years ago and haven’t stopped enjoying every moment. I dream about owning a tiny house someday but I have a big problem…..I am almost 70 years old and have nightmares about falling down the ladder face first in the middle of the night. Then came the post First Week in Our Tiny House. Wow, stairs to the bed with a closet underneath. WOW, WOW, stairs for a little ol lady from Burbank, CA. No more nightmares, just wonderful dreams now. Conrats to you all for this wonderful site.

Graham Jones - May 27, 2012 Reply

Who doesn’t love a contest?

There are so many great posts and it is hard to choose just one.
I’m choosing Sidecountry Sessions. http://tinyhouseblog.com/stick-built/sidecountry-sessions-tiny-house/#more-21399

I used to be a bit of a ski bum and love the idea that you can roll into your favourite ski town and have everything you need other than great snow. Like many others who visit this site, there are plans to build my own tiny house in the not to distant future.

Curtis Johnson - May 27, 2012 Reply

My favorite blog is about The Green Cedar Bus.

The reason is that I am already a bit smitten with the converted school bus idea. However, this particular one looks very spacious and beautiful. Plus I love how its very grungey and not super aesthetically pleasing from the outside, and then the inside is gorgeous, the lesson we learn over and over through our lives, of dont judge a book by its cover.

I could definitely see my cat and me in that bus!

MJ - May 27, 2012 Reply

Even though it wasn’t a big comment getter, I loved the Aqua Houseboat post (http://tinyhouseblog.com/floating-homes/aqua-casa-houseboat/). This was a tough pick; so many of the posts have a ‘love’ factor for me. I live in a tiny casita, so the land homes are great for ideas and just…courage! but I also have a tiny houseboat, which most likely, eventually, will be where I live for good, so all the water homes have a big interest factor for me.

Thanks for all you do for us who listen to a bit of a different drummer, Kent! Congrats on five years and showing so many of us that we may be crazy, but we’re not alone.

J Thomas - May 27, 2012 Reply

My favorite post is the Provincetown, MA one – it’s my fav because it reminds me of my favorite place in the world – Nantucket! Tiny houses are more the norm there – too bad affordability isn’t :/

Crystal Downes - May 27, 2012 Reply

I like em all but mostly my own! We have happily lived in ours for 1 year this weekend!

Ron - May 27, 2012 Reply

One of my favorites is the “Tiny Arizona Casita”. I love it because the size would fit my needs very well and I wouldn’t have to climb a ladder into a loft ;-). I also love how they re-purposed old materials into the construction.


Congratulations Kent on the five years…

gmh - May 27, 2012 Reply

Well, I always like the posts about people who actually design and live in their tiny house. To me, a math teacher, figuring out a tiny lifestyle is like a real-life math word problem that is just itching to be solved. I can’t leave that sort of puzzle alone! :->
But my favorite post is actually the Montana Mobile Cabin post from the beginning.
Because of that post, I go to their site all the time to drool. For awhile, they had a 14 x 20 cabin “shell” for sale that really intrigued me. I spent most of this winter playing with graph paper and devising a floor plan for that cabin. I figured out a laundry room, fireplace, and small garage addition. It was adorable.
I was even in email contact with MMC- just to see about transport to my side of the Cascades.
But, I don’t own land yet and the cabin sold. So, I still dream and plan and play with graph paper. When my current house sells, and I find some land… I will be ready!
Thanks for giving us so much eye candy and good ideas over the years!

Hugh W - May 27, 2012 Reply

Hello Kent,

I don’t have one particular favorite, however I do like the “Tiny House in a Landscape” feature… it’s just inspiring to me.

Mia - May 27, 2012 Reply

I found this website through googling a while back and have been reading it every day since. Congratulations on the 5 year anniversary and I wish you many more, this is such a great site. It provides hope and inspiration. My favorite recent post has been Jason’s molecule home, it’s absolutely perfect (although a bit cost prohibitive) and it’s all the things I would want in my tiny home. When I dream of a tiny house of my own, I now picture it to be the molecule home. My gf loved the tack house, but I don’t think it could accomodate our ever expanding library. Thanks a lot for all your great work and best of luck.

kimk - May 27, 2012 Reply

Pick “ONE” favorite. I find that totally impossible. I’ve followed your blog for years to keep my inspiration strong to have my own tiny home one of these years. While I love to just admire the beautiful creations people come up with, I think it is most rewarding for me to hear about people’s experiences who have actually made the move to live in a tiny, what is working, and what isn’t.

The posts have given me many ideas to adapt to living in small spaces and inspired me to live more sustain-ably no mater what size of place I live in.

Kate Miller - May 27, 2012 Reply

I am so inspired by Scott Stewart of Slabtown Customs, in Mountain View, Arkansas. in a year of reading your most informative blog, last night I found Scott Stewart, and the potential for me to have found my tiny home builder down the road. Scott is a man who loves what he does, and is humble, and his houses are fabulous, and reasonable, he also solves on of the biggest problems faced by older women like myself,where can I place this home, he has land packages as well, thats a giant hurdle for many to be able to avoid. Scott is looking out for the financial well beings of others, by building custom tiny houses to the specifications of buyers like myself, who once had significant means, and need to leave our large homes because we have encountered a financial burden, as I did in 2004 where I had lung surgery which wiped out my life savings, and my inheritance because I could not find medical coverage, or it could be a family, like in his video of a family who lost there means of making a living. while I am sure there are many very worthy choices of home builders for tiny houses, the articles by Scott Stewart, of Slabtown Customs, gave me reason to believe, that there is an angel, building homes with so much care, and craftmanship, style, and finesse, loyalty, and abundance, that article is hard to beat. Thank You, Kate Miller Rome, Ga

Una - May 27, 2012 Reply

I’m new to the blog, though I’ve been a follower on Facebook. All have been an inspiration, we are tiny travel trailer people with an eye on settling someday. We are converting a 5’X8′ utility trailer adding details every year.

Bunny - May 27, 2012 Reply

Kent, I just can’t say which one is my favorite. I have spent many a Sunday morning going back through the archives visiting sites over and over again. I have learned so much and every post keeps me inspired and hoping for the day when I can have my own tiny house. However, my two favorite tiny house companies are Reclaimed Space and Tiny Texas Houses.
Thank you for keeping this site alive and helping to educate the world on tiny house possibilities.

Laura - May 27, 2012 Reply

It’s a tough choice, but I guess the ‘Ideas for a tiny house community’ was one of the most inspiring ones for me.

When I read it, I could just imagine my friends and myself all in our own tiny houses with a shared garden. And when I talked to friends about it, thinking they wouldn’t take me seriously, they were all just as excited as I was. Living very close to work at the moment and having no means to buy land, the dream is very far away, but all actions start with a plan, don’t they?

Nicole Marie - May 27, 2012 Reply

A happy anniversary to you! Thank you so much for starting this wonderful blog and for all of your hard work! I am inspired every day by the people you introduce here. Thank you for five great years, and I look forward to the next five!

Michael - May 27, 2012 Reply

Well, my favorite of all your posts has always been your next post. Everyday I look forward to reading your next post about what’s new in the world of tiny homes. I am in my late forty’s and wondering how I will ever afford to retire. I think a tiny home may be a key part of the affordability equation. I’m still trying to convince my wife. She thinks I’m obsessed with tiny homes. I keep showing her your blog posts with all of the cute homes hoping to catch her interest, I think I am beginning to wear her down.

We are going to buy an inexpensive travel trailer an go on a few road trips to see how she likes it. Myself I love the idea of being able to move my retirement home from place to place if we need a change.

I love your blog, don’t stop writing it!

Melinda Golden - May 27, 2012 Reply

1. What is your favorite Tiny House Blog post? My favorite post is about the Tack Tiny House, http://tinyhouseblog.com/announcement/malissa-tacks-perfect-retreat/.
2. Why it is your favorite? First of all I love this tiny house. The design makes a lot of sense. It actually seems livable. They make great use of things having more than one purpose such as the folding computer desk can be a dining table and the couch has storage. They also got really creative in the bathroom with the wine barrel for the shower. I liked that in the post you mentioned their thoughts about the space and their biggest challenge. It’s good to be realistic because it’s not all sunshine and daisies. There are sacrifices to be made when living tiny, but I think the benefits outweigh the negatives. Also, loved the photos in this post!

Thanks and keep inspiring!

Jennifer - May 27, 2012 Reply

My favorite post was the surf shack, the one with the surf board table. All of the tiny homes are inspiring, but that one had me dreaming of a much more beautiful and simple life.

Amanda - May 27, 2012 Reply

It’s very hard to choose a favorite post…I like the Tiny Texas House posts, because the style with the reclaimed wood is just so beautiful. I also like the video of the family with a child who built a shotgun cabin (from arkansas?)–very inspirational since I’ve got a child too and want to build a tiny/small house to fit at least 3 people.

Monica Griffin - May 27, 2012 Reply

I love this post because it’s exactly how our own home was built. :0)


Nico Elayne - May 27, 2012 Reply

Happy 5 years! Your site is one of the first ones I come to every morning. It’s very difficult to choose just one post, but I love jasons molecule house and any of the tiny trailers with no loft. I’ll echo the other posters comments about slabtown customs (scott stewart) His work has shown me that I don’t have to just dream about a tiny house, I can actually afford it. I’m busy planning and saving for my own tiny dream. Thanks for all you do!

Matt - May 27, 2012 Reply

Kent, no need for a prize. Congratulations on a fantastic project and your 5 year anniversary!

You have inspired dreams and forwarded tales of adventure…for me, that is what makes the website so special!

All the best,


Mike Lundeen - May 27, 2012 Reply

Tiny Tack House. As a photographer the pics really captured me and drew me in. We have hopes to create a retreat site. Our plan is to build with strawbale but my imagination is ignited by the possibility of building these cabins with wheels under them. In that light, every post I’ve read feeds the imagination and will hopefully lead to an exciting realization of our dream.

Rebecca - May 27, 2012 Reply

As for the first answer, I LOVE the Nindo Micro house: http://www.thetinylife.com/nindo-micro-house/

I love the simplistic lines in this house, but really wish that it had included pictures of the kitchen and bath. It would also be easy to include either a slightly larger footprint to include my 2 children, or I could build in little “pods” for them using a similar design. The huge window is almost like living outside. It is beautiful and would work in my climate as well.

I first stumbled across the tiny house movement around 3 months ago. I have totally fell in love with the idea. We are planning on moving in 2 years and are saving up for a new house. At first, I thought that it was only for a down payment. Now I realized, that I might have enough to buy a house with cash after the sale of my home! This would allow one of us to stay home with the kids. I have also been inspired to reduce the amount of stuff that I have in my life and am passing up bought items in the store. This blog and associated movement has had a profound effect on my thinking (and hopefully living, now and in the future). Thank you for keeping me in the know via Facebook, as I click on every link that you post. =)

Kelly - May 27, 2012 Reply

1. I’ve enjoyed most all the posts, but have to say I really liked the Tiny Tack House the best!
2. Why – because I really loved the layout and the creative ideas they used and were kind enough to share! The photography was amazing too with all the detail they provided. I love to cook and my biggest fear in a tiny house is losing my kitchen space, but their kitchen looked very functional.

There are so many posts and photographs on The Tiny House Blog that provide creative ideas and inspiration toward building a tiny house – I look forward to reading them every day. Thank you!

Juliana Stinghen - May 27, 2012 Reply

Awesome to hear that!

I’m a brazillian follower and I’ve been in love with the tiny house movement for about 4 years, now… I’m pretty sure it meets nearly everything I’ve been wishing for in terms of housing and lifestyle.. and its principles just meet mine perfectly.
I’ve never heard of a single “intentional” tiny house around here, though.. It’s a very unknown subject even among architects. For you to have an idea, not even camper trailers and motorhomes are well known here in Brazil..(probably due to some stupid transit laws that required the most difficult license ever just to be able to tow a small camper) Anyway, it doesn’t seem to be much space for the small living subject in our culture, yet 🙁
Actually, when I mention about living in a tiny house, most people tend to laugh at me or think it’s an insane/stupid idea…(“Why would anyone want to live in such a small space?”…)
All that leads me to say that, without a doubt, if I had to choose just one post from your blog, the most important one for me is the one that features the “We the tiny house people” documentary.
I’m really grateful to have had the opportunity to be in touch with such a great compilation on the subject. I mean it, it’s really hard to get people to stop to think and understand what is it all about.. I’m sure this movie will help me to easily show them at least a bit of how awesome (and possible!) small living can be! (actually it’s already helping, at least my closest friends and family, whom I made watch it, in desperate search of minimum support lol
(the link: http://tinyhouseblog.com/tiny-house-video/we-the-tiny-house-people-documentary/)
I hope it will be at least a start, and I really dream of making it possible without having to live somewhere else 🙂

So…… of course I’d love to get any of those beautiful prizes 😀
ok, maybe the first 3 ones would be a bit hard to get and enjoy due to expensive plain tickets and infinite importation taxes. But, damn, some of those books and house plans would make me really, really happy! 🙂

happy anniversary and thank you for bringing all this inspiring and helpful content!

Lillian - May 27, 2012 Reply

my favorite is the post called http://tinyhouseblog.com/tiny-house-concept/roulottes-en-bois-tango/
but was i dreaming about another one about the “roulettes-de-campagne” vardos made in france? could has sworn i saw a post about those but couldn’t find it. anyway, i love the colors of these, and the way the bed is place on the first floor. they are so cozy and romantic, places where dreams are made and come true.
i need to read your blog every day or else i feel that something is lacking in my day…
saving up my pennies for the day i get my own tiny house.

Dondy Jayne - May 27, 2012 Reply

The post that led me to your blog is for a sheep camp: http://tinyhouseblog.com/stick-built/sheep-wagons/, and I am now forever thankful that I am not alone in this obsession.
I currently live in Southeast Idaho but was raised in a 1950’s trailer (and proud of it!) in Northern California. I had never heard of sheep camps before moving here, but was familiar with caravan living as we frequently went to mountain man rendezvous as a child. As soon as I left the house, I purchased and lived in a 1972 pop top bus on the river and found my spirit in the rivers and mountains and ocean winds of the West Coast.
When there is a small space that commands certain built in’s to sustain life, it is human nature to then focus beyond necessity and hone in on the tiny details that make it from a place to inhabit into a “home”. A fancy door knob. A colored drawer pull. A light that was hand crafted in the 50’s to look like it came from outer space. A portable, atomic coffee maker. Richly colored tapestry as a window curtain. The patina of wood that has seen years and years, not just a jar of stain. Pink enamel tables that have held countless cups of coffee and conversations. These are the things that CALL OUT TO MY SOUL.
I know they are only things and I should not love them so deeply, but they are the beloved details of art and culture and history that our humanity guides us to appreciating. The quest for a tiny house of my own propels me to Craigslist every day. It has me sketching out plans for my 12 foot single axle utility trailer with a daydream that I could take it from functional plywood panels made for hauling manure into a tiny home that could serve as a shelter and possibly as a mobile coffee house. I spent one summer in 2001 in a modified 1959 bread van named “Dolly” selling coffee at festivals and the experience enriched me as a person, proving to me and my family that I could be self sufficient in a small space and make a living.
I was single then, and now am a mom of a fabulously unique 8 year old boy who NEEDS to know what tiny house living is like! I hope we are able to visit Dee’s Little House in Washington- we are doing an Idaho-Washington-Oregon-California trip in August and I would love to share that experience with him.
Thank you for all that you do, for this labor of love, and for connecting me to like-minded individuals.
~Dondy “Coyote” Jayne

Nancy P. - May 27, 2012 Reply

I love the Tiny Tack House, because they seem to have everything including an extra bed, that is not in the attic.

Loved the efficiency of space. Have long been a fan of RV’s because of the independence they afford, but these tiny houses are even better, and don’t cost an “arm and a leg”.

Shelly Linn - May 27, 2012 Reply

My favorite post was of the “mini rv” made out of a Volkswagen Bug! How cool was thing? Plus, it’s the ultimate in portability and style!

Blake Brokaw - May 27, 2012 Reply

Thanks for all of the great posts and information. I get your blog delivered everyday and it usually starts my morning (off well).
My favorite post is Diana’s Innermost House.
The couple, the house, and their lifestyle I believe personify the Tiny House movement. Small but not insignificant, simple and well thought out.

Mike Simmons - May 27, 2012 Reply

My favorite blog was a recent one. Although I have had many across the last year I discovered your site. My favorite is Laird’s Yukon Modern Tiny Home. It is my favorite because it shows Tiny Homes can be something more than the norm. That creative thinking and being outside of the box allow for some great design innovations. These type of blogs just get my creativity flowing!

Thanks for the great source!

Grant Wagner - May 27, 2012 Reply

Oh, I’m in for this!

My favorite post would be linked to the one that introduced my to my favorite tiny house, Hornby Island Caravans!


This house was perhaps the first that showed me a really nice tiny house need not have a loft or two stories. I think the detail of this one is gorgeous with its natural shelf supports. It also points out a truth with a lot of the mobile homes, in that you can get a good deal more space if you’re willing to get the lowest level over sized trailer permit. This one feels so spacious. Still today, I dream of one of these with a solar array, in a quiet cove near the water on either of the northern coasts.

Nathalie - May 27, 2012 Reply

My favorite post was Joseph Sandy’s design because of the brilliant use of space.

Thank you so much for this blog Kent. What a great resource for all my tiny dream needs. I hope my house will make the post someday… I’m still in the planning phase!

Joseph - May 27, 2012 Reply

My favorite post was a review of the new USB charger/cook stoves by Biolite stoves. It is an amazing bit of technology that allows people in the United States to charge their ipods and other things while camping, or can be used to charge a phone in areas that have no built in grid. Plus I am still in the stage of just dreaming about a tiny house. Right now my wife and I have downsized from 1,300 to 600 square feet and technology like that encourages me to go smaller.

pat kilby - May 27, 2012 Reply

There have been several posts in this blog on how to take items from RVs that are perfectly suited for this type of reuse. I’ve been visiting this blog daily since it opened. In my opinion it is the best tiny blog out there.

Bobbi M - May 27, 2012 Reply

I liked Hap and Lynn’s Cob House Journal (and anything cob, really), as well as the couple of posts on Hornby Island Caravans- they’re so well crafted! Here’s to many more years of Tiny House Blog!

Mickey Sinister - May 27, 2012 Reply

My favourite post was the Mini-Caravan, http://tinyhouseblog.com/travel-trailers/mini-caravan/ . It inspired me to build a smaller, more efficient teardrop trailer for my Bicycle.

Christy Hunt - Lil Bit Brit - May 27, 2012 Reply

My favorite post was on 11-30-11 Lulu’s Shipping Container Home, By Kent Griswold.

To quote Lulu “When you don’t have money you get creative. What a wonderful home she made out of a free shipping container, for her and her daughter.

The thought of not working one’s life away just to support bricks and mortar, to leave time for the more important things of live. Realizing that time has a value and that your free time is your life.

Just to have time to look at the stars.

What a gutsy girl.

Lil Bit Brit

Rebecca - May 27, 2012 Reply

Congratulations on your first five years! It was hard for me to narrow my choices down to just one post. In the end, I had to go with the post about the Tiny House Family: http://tinyhouseblog.com/yourstory/tiny-house-family/

Why? Because this is such an inspirational story. We’re working to build our own tiny house and people tell me all the time that it might work for a couple but couldn’t possibly work for a family. This post proves them wrong. It’s also a great little house and it’s amazing that they’ve managed to build it themselves while reusing resources and avoiding debt.

tinyhousetom - May 27, 2012 Reply

Pocket Suites in Winnipeg, is my favourite article.

The unit takes advantage of infill lots in already serviced neighbourhoods and increases urban density.

Keeping the units small keeps them affordable, but still gives people the privacy and ownership craved by many. They even have provisions for the physically challenged.

Kurt - May 27, 2012 Reply

There have been a number of helpful posts about the logistics of tiny home ownerships – buying land, zoning laws, etc. For example, “Locating Your Micro Home” was very informative.

2nd place: the post that was inspired by a link I emailed you.

tanya - May 27, 2012 Reply

One of my favorite blogs was about the Little House on the Trailer
The use of space and design was so innovative for a small space. It had everything I would want in a tiny dwelling. When I am finally ready to downsize or when I am able to build my own little tiny getaway this would be the place for me. I was so impressed by the builder that I constantly check out the website for newer models and floor plans and each one is so impressive. I love the Tiny House Blog and I have to admit I am addicted, and I love all the inspiration I find here. Thank You.

George - May 27, 2012 Reply

My favorite post recently was no doubt “Tiny Tack House”. Gorgeous photos and above all a great story!

misty - May 27, 2012 Reply

I love all of the posts but one of my favorites right now is how to scale down in comfort and style Sept. 10 2007. I found your blot about 5 months ago and have been checking in daily since. Dreaming up my own tiny house now (well perhaps small house since there are 4 of us) and loving all the wonderful ideas and insight I gain from your site. Thanks for all the great ideas stories and information.

    misty - May 27, 2012 Reply

    I guess I didn’t fully say why I like that post. It is helping me to comb through our things in anticipation of smaller living.

alice h - May 27, 2012 Reply

What a dilemma! A favourite? Just one? Impossible! There are so many that come to mind but most of all my favourite is usually the one I’ve just seen and been inspired by that particular day. Some are maybe a bit ho hum, some too crazy, but most have something to offer. Congratulations on an amazing five years and many thanks to you and all the contributers.

Andrew M. Odom - May 27, 2012 Reply

I have to say that all of the ‘Tiny House Landscapes’ are my favorite. Why? They never cease to capture my imagination. Why would the person live there? When did the house get built? What circumstances surround the dwelling? Do they live there full time? Etc. Not to mention the image of a tiny house fitting in almost anywhere…globally!

Thank you for everything Kent. You are an inspiration and a true friend.

Casey G. - May 27, 2012 Reply

“Shanty in the Woods”, from July 2008. My Favorite post that I keep coming back to time and time again. I just always envisioned building/owning a tiny house built and set up just like this one. The classic structure and small simplicity it entails is what I’ve always looked for. Great post.

Second favorite is the Free Spirit Sphere Tree Houses from August 2009. Another great concept.

Michael - May 27, 2012 Reply

1. My favorite post would have to be today’s blog post.
2. Why? I have had “favorite” posts for different ideas but today’s post has led me to so many “new” ones I had no idea were out there thanks to all the wonderful commenters and most of all you for having this blog.

I hope your blog keeps going forever and I hope even more people wake up and realize they don’t need all this crap advertisers are selling.

Ruth - May 27, 2012 Reply

I love Johnn Sanphillippo’s story and video “Tiny home on a housekeeper’s salary”. It was such an inspirational story of a gentleman who kept his sight on what was truly important to him, not only the way he chose to make a living but how he wanted to live. The added fascination was how he was able to accomplish his vision living in two of the most expensive places in the nation, San Francisco and Hawaii. I admired his patience and perserverence as it took him years to complete his home and the way he saw beauty in reclaimed pieces that he furnished him home with. Good job Johnny and thank you Ken because you keep us all tied together.

Scout - May 27, 2012 Reply

My favorite post was Tiny House Under the Subway (http://tinyhouseblog.com/humanitarian/tiny-house-under-the-subway/). THAT is true innovation. Yeah, it’s obvious that there’s a legality issue (as discussed in the comment section), but honestly the guy wasn’t hurting anyone. He took a space that was being used for nothing and made it his home. I think that’s pretty cool.

Elisabeth roberts - May 27, 2012 Reply

Happy Anniversary to the Tiny House Blog. thank you, Kent, and all the Tiny Housers out there who are actively creating a wonderful vision of simple living. My vote for the best Tiny House post goes to all the designers and advocates of tiny houses for folks in need–post Katrina, Haiti, our military personnel. I have deep gratitude every day for the shelter of my tiny house; may every living being have this same opportunity.
speak softly and live simply so that others may simply live.

John W. - May 27, 2012 Reply

The series of posts about Innermost House are my favorite. Diana’s Innermost House is such a wonderful example of attention to design and detail. Every aspect of its design is a work of art. I have not seen a better example how the pursuit of simplification in our lives need not require the sacrifice of elegance of form and spatial quality.

Amanda - May 27, 2012 Reply

Well this is easy! First of all Congratulations to the Tiny House Blog!! This is one of my first stops everyday on the computer! I love all the ideas and inspiration. I’m so thankful that you put this together.

My favorite post is about the Berkeley Backyard house. I just love that design and think it’s really one of the most functional for my style. But a very close second is Sharon’s house from Seattle Tiny homes. I got the wonderful opportunity to meet her and actually go in her house and it is beyond lovely.

Again, congrats to the Tiny House Blog! And thanks again for all you do! It truly is appreciated! 😉

Julie - May 27, 2012 Reply

My favorites are always about strawbale or cob houses. One that has stuck in my mind was more or less an ad for the Applegate Residence strawbale house, because it has the PERFECT floorplan for me, and I think it’s adorable. I’ve spent ridiculous amounts of time studying that post and the links from it. Hopefully one day it will be mine!

I love this blog and check it daily. 🙂

Richard - May 27, 2012 Reply

My favorite is The MorHaus: http://tinyhouseblog.com/stick-built/the-morhaus/

I love the look and the concept – need more room, add on another section of MorHaus and then you have More House! I can see myself starting off on my tiny house adventure with something like an 8′ x 12′, and then wanting to expand at some point in the future, and the MorHaus is an easy way to do it.

Mark - May 27, 2012 Reply

For me it has to be the “Hemloft”

Joel’s story is intriguing and his ‘never give in attitude inspired me.

I enjoy the blogs everyday and always look forward to reading them.


Holly - May 27, 2012 Reply

Wow you want us to choose our favorite blog! I’m not sure it is possible to choose just one blog. I enjoy reading and viewing each one. I love the tiny houses in a landscape each one is so unique. There are so many different ways of building a tiny house with imaginative use of storage, building supplies, costs and eco friendly products. Your blog does a great job of showing people what is out there. I actually would choose the pallet article about building with pallets. Most people think of them as garbage but with a bit of imagination and very little money you could build almost anything with them. I have started collecting them to build a little storage shed in my yard. Thank you for the job you are doing keep up the great work!

Jan long - May 27, 2012 Reply

My favorite is – http://tinyhouseblog.com/announcement/malissa-tacks-perfect-retreat/ – I have down sized to 400 sq ft but want to go further. Still hope to build tiny cabin sometime. This blog post gave me some great ideas. Thanks and congratulations!

Jessi P - May 27, 2012 Reply

I haven’t been following the blog long as I’ve just recently discovered the Tiny House movement. So, so far my favorite post is http://tinyhouseblog.com/vardo/vardo-inspiration/ which shows the ‘gypsy wagons.’

I love it because, for one, the word ‘gypsy’ has fanciful connotations and makes me happy. I love the idea of seeing all those wagons in a little caravan. I love seeing all the tiny details, the obvious loving care that went into their construction, the way they are so personalized and still look like homes.

Mike - May 27, 2012 Reply

My wife and I love the Tiny Tack House, a lot 🙂

    Mike - May 27, 2012 Reply

    Oops, and WHY we love it… well it’s very beautiful and looks very livable 🙂 The barrel shower is pretty awesome and my wife loves the mouse hole for the cat litter box area.

Michael - May 27, 2012 Reply

I have a question. Is it just me or does anyone else think “Go House Go” sound like a title for a Dr. Seuss book? Yes I know there are no Dr. Seuss books titled as such.

Sue D - May 27, 2012 Reply

I like Jay’s epu and fencl posts because they led me to building my own fencl. Slept in it last night. Bliss.

Tara - May 27, 2012 Reply

Mike’s Tumbleweed Mulfinger:


This story was unique in that Mike had to get bank financing and how he was able to get it. I also feel that when my family and I build our tiny house, this one will be closest to the one we build.

heffalump - May 27, 2012 Reply

That’s just too hard! I love reading the Tiny House Blog! My favorite posts to read have been the ones that tell the stories behind people’s tiny homes, and I also love getting a photo tour of the different homes as well.
I love seeing people’s creativity and problem solving in action!

yvr_fca_osl - May 27, 2012 Reply

Hard to pick a single favorite, but I had never heard of cob houses before this blog, and this post really got me intrigued about how rewarding it would be, and within my budget in the next several years, to build a cob house: http://tinyhouseblog.com/earthcob/recipe-for-building-a-cob-house/.

This one also had pictures that somehow lit my imagination on fire for what could be possible in a house like this. It is the kind of house I always dreamed of living in as a kid: http://tinyhouseblog.com/earthcob/ziggy-visits-cob-cottage-company/#more-9407.

Anon_Mahna - May 27, 2012 Reply


And it was a pain in the arse to get down to just one favourite post between the exceptionally helpful/informative ones and the beautiful scenery ones.

I chose this one as it is the distilled essence of what I want to achieve after I shed the things that keep me root locked for the moment.

Bob Pritts - May 27, 2012 Reply

I like the tiny houses you post for the weekend with a fantastic views…..always interesting….always tranquil… peaceful. I look forward to seeing the tiny house in a landscape every weekend ! Where will it be this weekend and what style of shelter…thanks.

Through my tumblr blog I have met several tiny house people and they are all so wonderful and as colorful as your tiny houses in a landscape.

The local TV station will be here May 30,2012 and do a story on Towed Haul

Love the blog

John S - May 27, 2012 Reply

While I do not remember the exact name, it was the post featuring an interview about a woman from California talking about her and her husband’s small home. She cooked dinner in a small black pot, took her laundry to the local “fluff and fold,” and when she was told by the interviewer that she was a Luddite, she looked it up in a dictionary and smiled at the definition. The reason it was my favorite was not only did the home seem peaceful, but she seemed truly happy. She was living proof that less is more.

    John S - May 27, 2012 Reply

    Found it on YouTube: Thoreauvian simple living: unelectrified, timeless tiny home

      Angel Luttrell - May 27, 2012 Reply

      That was a really nice tiny home. I loved the library! Thanks for the share.

CG - May 27, 2012 Reply

Paul’s Guest House of 4/25/2010. Something about its simplicity, workmanship and view potential haunts me. I have the page bookmarked so I can see it often and dream. 🙂
Love all the giveaways(and thank you to all who offered up the prizes, fun!) but if I am lucky enough to win anything I’ll be hoping for a Deek sketch or book mostest. 😀

Mitty - May 27, 2012 Reply

My all-time favorite is Paul’s Guest House. It is so practical with a full kitchen suitable for serious cooking, a first-floor bedroom with a good-sized closet, a well-designed and attractive bathroom, and plenty of room to have company over for a visit or a meal. I could happily live there year-round!

Mary - May 27, 2012 Reply

Favorite post: Simon’s Eco-House
Why: Because I fell in love with this house when I saw the blog post on it.

There’s only one other blog I’ve liked as much, and it had pictures of houses built somewhere in the north that looked like fairy tale houses. The base was small, and the walls sloped gently up before sloping back in and up to high peaked roofs. I’ve never been able to find that blog again.

Architecturally I’m visual. So the two with my favorite, if somewhat whimsical, houses are my favorites.

Angel Luttrell - May 27, 2012 Reply

Tiny Seattle Apartment
by Kent Griswold on August 24th, 2010.

1. The write up in the Seattle Times led me to your site, and then I became Tiny House obsessed.
2. The use of space for that apartment is AMAZING. A tub in the floor with plexi on top? Making a studio into a tri-level. Serious imagination. (Dee in Olympia, WA is a close second. Love her video!)

Ulrike - May 27, 2012 Reply

Wow, that’s a tough one. I scanned my Pinterest boards and had a hard time narrowing it down. There’s the ProtoStoga series, the Straw Bale Women post, the one about Joseph’s Gypsy Wagons… but for sheer “Wow!” I’m going to go with the Gypsy Wagon Workshop post (http://tinyhouseblog.com/tiny-house/gypsy-wagon-workshop/). The photos inspire me!

C - May 27, 2012 Reply

My favorite post is a very recent one: the micro-home in Finland. I have split my time between North America and the Nordic countries for over a decade, and think we have plenty more to learn from the “summer house” concept over there. They definitely have a lock on simple summer living in the countryside, and I hope to see more posts from that part of the world on here in the future.

Linda Mason - May 27, 2012 Reply

This blog is one of the first things I look at when the day starts. Our little house is 12 x 28 and we are in process. I love all the ideas and thoughts and helpful info I get from here. Keep up the great work.

Amy Brown - May 27, 2012 Reply


Click Clack Gorilla

This post was so great that I went and read her blog… all of it. I was inspired by her bravery in going for a new lifestyle. I don’t think I am as brave as her but it did lead to me looking at people living in other ways. I think it must be a very freeing experience. I love all of the blog though and constantly visit it. I hope to one day retire in a tiny home (when I have grown kids). I think that with the way it has taken off and if more research and progress is made in alternative energy it will be the perfect way to live without much worry in an older age. 🙂 thanks for making such a wonderful place to look at so many aspects of downsizing and living tiny in a big world.

Hope - May 27, 2012 Reply


Favorite because it shows a creative way of downsizing without sacrificing style!

Brian - May 27, 2012 Reply

1. The Hemloft
2. I have always wanted to do that…. Go out and build a treehouse to escape to for time away! Just never had the guts to try – sad I know but true just the same! Now nearly 50 and with a GREAT family – I live wild n crazy thru others via reading! Thanks for provide my tempory insanity!

Stone - May 27, 2012 Reply

It’s so fun to find/remember past pieces from others’ posts! I am a big fan of the Tack house as well, but my favorite post is The Tiny House Family. It was one of many I shared with my partner, but it was the one that made her begin to take the idea of our family living in a tiny home seriously.

Patti - May 27, 2012 Reply

I’m not sure if there is a favorite post.. there are SO many!
I did bookmark this one though and I continue to peek back now and then…


Kathi’s house inspired me that I could have a real staircase, bathtub and a guest room all in a tiny house.

Carey - May 27, 2012 Reply

My favorite post is actually a series of posts, all on Peter King and his willingness to share his knowledge on framing/building a tiny house. I have been wanting to build a tiny house for as many years now as you have been producing this blog but have always been concerned about having the skills. After reading the posts about Peter and how he teaches his students how to build a tiny house I took the plunge and invited him to teach a session at my house here in the Seattle, Washington area. Nothing has been finalized yet, but I’m hoping to get a jump start on my tiny house this August. Thanks so much for providing the inspiration, and hopefully the way, for me to finally have my tiny house.
P.S. Congatulations on five years of beautiful blogging and thanks for spreading the big joys about tiny houses!

Eric Lorenz - May 27, 2012 Reply


Hands down best post ever!!! This is my dream home. Not only is it small, but it’s on the water. I have this page bookmarked so that one day I can build it on the San Francisco Bay.

Landen S - May 28, 2012 Reply

I have enjoyed the articles involving Melissa’s tack house
why because their pictures are so great and i love the design. their house looks like it could be featured in dwell next month by how much thought went into the design.

Susan Preece - May 28, 2012 Reply

My favorite post is the Dollhouse post by a lady and her family in North Georgia. I live in Georgia. I lost my home to foreclosure where my bank clearly broke the law and had unethical practices. I am determined to use this tragedy for gain in creating my own mortgage-free place for my family… This house is doable for a family and still small and cute,

Jen - May 28, 2012 Reply

I would have to say, this is very difficult to pick just one post as a favorite. One that stands out, at the very least, as a favorite is the Innermost House. I love the design, the concept and the layout. I cannot say that the details would work for me, for I have more than two people to consider. The details, however, such as the candle stands, the bookstands, the kitchen area and the fireplace, make for an irresistable atmosphere.

Kristine L - May 28, 2012 Reply

You sure don’t ask for much do you! Trying to slim everything here down to just one best posting… Over just the last two and a half years that I have been watching this blog there have been some great posts. There have been so many good ideas, products and interviews posted here it’s a daunting task.

I would have to say http://tinyhouseblog.com/tiny-house-video/jay-shafer-the-politics-of-tiny-houses/ is my pick. Why? In the interview Jay did a very good overview of how and why houses have grown and who was pushing for them and why. He also hinted at why we are not likely to see the codes changed to let much smaller houses to be built as homes unless they are on wheels.

I have been living in a 32 foot 5th wheel for the past 13 years so I’m living small to start with. The one thing that Jays interview really got me to do was thinking about what I wanted out of life. That interview really has steered my ideas on what I plan to do in the next few years. And more so now that I may not be able to go back to my job as a welder because of getting hurt on the job.

I like my 5th wheel but I can see where building a tiny house would be better in the long run. They are easier to heat and cool, you can lay them out better to fit your needs, are just a few.

So in steps my design back ground thinking how to layout and build a tiny home on a 28 foot 5th wheel trailer frame I was given for the taking. Then my engineer self steps in to look for ways to keep the over all weight down so when it needs to be towed it can be towed at a lower cost.

All this was started by a blog post of an interview with Jay. http://tinyhouseblog.com/tiny-house-video/jay-shafer-the-politics-of-tiny-houses/


Kristine L - May 28, 2012 Reply

oops I messed up my email address the one with this post is right.


Walt Barrett - May 28, 2012 Reply

Hi Kent.
Congratulations and thanks for bringing us five great years of tiny house blogs!
Walt Barrett

Louise - May 28, 2012 Reply

Egads! Heck of a question! Favorite blog? I relish them all – truly! I like the ones that inform honestly about different building features like how to design (Dan Louche, for example). And, I like reading about products and businesses (Resource Furniture, I hope I remember the name). I also like reading about people’s experiences of shifting to tiny house environments. Thanks for all you do for us!
Now, I better get back to nature – we’re on top of a mountain in VT camping and hearing a beautiful array of birdsongs! Happy Birthday!

Heda - May 28, 2012 Reply

Marcia’s Soo Line Caboose

I loved this post because it made me feel like I could move into the caboose tomorrow and be home.

Happy anniversary – thanks for lots of happy dreams and for giving something to look forward to when I crank up the computer each evening.


Bonita - May 28, 2012 Reply

1) http://tinyhouseblog.com/log-construction/natural-log-rvs/

2) I was looking for an affordable way to live on several acres that I had purchased when I found your site and this post. This changed my whole way of thinking. I now have a similar type used wood RV on the land and owe most of my implemented ideas to your blog. Thanks, Kent, for your hard work and willingness to share.

V - May 28, 2012 Reply

I suppose my favorite post was about the gal who [urchased a small cabin and outfitted it in shabby sheek whitewhashed victorian and used it as a retreat. She had her rubber boots on the front porch. I liked it because it was something that many of us could do with our properties under accepted local P&Z – even though we dont. It is an example of what is within our means as an effort to go tiny and go green .. as a means of escape from the BIG world.

Susan Ruff - May 28, 2012 Reply

I can’t pick just one— I’ve been getting the email updates for years and even though I’m not living tiny right now I plan to in the future… My favorite post are those where a tour of the home are included- I love to get a sneak peak into tiny living! Thanks for the great giveaway!!

Susan O'Marra - May 28, 2012 Reply

Boy, this is asking alot…..to narrow down to one favorite! I can say that your blog is the one blog that I go to everyday and have done so for years. I love the way you bring the heart of homes into the vision of small housing.

I love the Protohaus, and the Tiny Tack, and the Leaf House. The Seattle Tiny House runs a close second to the others. So many to choose from…..but all with qualities that I like.

I travel in ministry alot, and I am planning to build a mobile house for traveling in when we are on mission assignments. I also envision building them as outreaches and aids to people also.

Thanks for instilling vision in us through your blog!

-Susan O’Marra

Evelyn Springfield - May 28, 2012 Reply

I love them all but the one that stands out in my mind is “Dianna’s Intermost house”. The cabin is beautiful and I love the fireplace.The place has such a peaceful feel.I want a place just like that only here in Georgia.lol..

Amanda - May 28, 2012 Reply

There have been so many over the years taht I have loved. My favourite though was about the family of four who built that little cabin on one of the Gulf Islands in BC. Love to see stories about families in little houses (my second and third favourites are the Tiny House Family, and the family living in the pop-up tent trailer in Baha). I also LOVE the French Cube, although that is an entirely different topic.

kim - May 28, 2012 Reply

i agree with most, i start my day checking your blog for inspiration, and love all the posts. I couldn’t locate it but there was one where there was a video about getting around bylaws for small structures, which i thought was very interesting. One of my other favorites is http://tinyhouseblog.com/floating-homes/float-cabins-on-powell-lake/ . It inspired me to buy a 32 ft wooden boat to live in for 6 months of the summer. The other 6 months of the winter, we live in a 27ft airstream near Santa Cruz. Tiny creative spaces for me please!

Ted Wallach - May 28, 2012 Reply

My favorite post was We the Tiny People documentary. After watching that I was hooked on this website and I check it often for updates. That film was a fascinating look at the ways people from around the world live i small spaces. Thanks for the blog posts!

Paige - May 28, 2012 Reply

It’s a tie between “Creative Houses from Reclaimed Stuff” with Dan Phillips http://tinyhouseblog.com/category/tiny-house-video/page/12/
Dan Phillips is so inspiring with his use of reclaimed stuff. His quest to build affordable, creative, NOT one size fits all spaces is wonderful.
and “Homemade Spaceship, a Tiny American Dream House” http://tinyhouseblog.com/category/tiny-house-video/page/6/
Kyle & Jeannie are living the life I wish I’d had the guts to live when I was younger.

Cathy - May 28, 2012 Reply

Happy Anniversary! I loved the tiny tack house. They did such a nice job with the layout and decorating. I reallly look forward to reading and watching everything that you put up on this blog. Keep up the good work!

Judi - May 28, 2012 Reply

OMG, I have to choose just one?! If I must, it is Kathi’s Doll House….how adorable is that tiny house?! I love it because there’s no ladder leading up to the bedroom, just a very manageable spiral staircase. I always save e-mails of homes I love, but Kathi’s Doll House is at the top of my list.

Joe Coover - May 28, 2012 Reply

I really have two different categories for my favorite post. The first is the ones about whole houses which the Protohaus and Jason’s Molecule Tiny Homes are my favorite. The ones that have reviews and profiles of products we might have in our tiny house are really nice too. I like the solar panels, toilets, and cooktops you’ve featured.

Kurt Conover - May 28, 2012 Reply

Though I’ve enjoyed most every post, I keep going back to the Fern Forest Treehouse by Kent Griswold on July 6th, 2011. The tiny tree house rooted in the environment seems to embody the ideal of tiny homes. A retreat.

Kim - May 28, 2012 Reply

My favourite post on SHB is definitely the one about Innermost House (“Seeing is Believing”). The deep peace you described is exactly the type of peace I want to inspire with my own (small, but not tiny) house. Maybe one day I will have a little cabin in the woods like Diana and Michael’s…

Rex - May 28, 2012 Reply

I find it hard to narrow down to a single post, honestly; I find myself gravitating to Tumbleweed designs’ utilization of space, but the larger format of the ProtoHaus is appealing, in and of itself. On the other hand, a foundation-based house, such as the recently posted Tack House has also been perking my interest, in part due to the wonderful pictures and layout.

As an aside, whatever became of the ProtoHaus plans; were they ever made available? I seem to remember they were slated for the Plans page in early 2010 or so.

Furthermore, I remember first finding this website a couple months ago; it took me around three days to read through the entire backlog of posts back to the very beginning; I love this site.

Grant Turner - May 28, 2012 Reply

My favorite posts were
The one about modern and contemporary homes.And homes that were in the city. These were the ones I would check every day to look forward to and even look back at older posts.My favorite ones were the modern cube and the seattle tiny house. They just showed great efficentcy and style. PS Happy ANNIVERSARY

Landon WIlliams - May 28, 2012 Reply

My favorite post (and I’m sure someone has a similar response) Is the next one. I end my day, almost everyday, with the tiny house blog post and it continues to motivate me to live a debt free life, and down size my personal life. Thanks for the dedication and great posts that keep me motivated and inspired.

michelle - May 28, 2012 Reply

My favorite post was the house tour of Tammy and Logan.

The reason I loved that post specifically is that I had found your blog via Tammy’s Rowdy Kittens blog and had been following their journey to building their own tiny house. It was so nice to see it all come to fruition!

Love your blog, thanks for sharing!

JT - May 28, 2012 Reply

It’s extremely hard for me to pick just one favorite Tiny House , there have been sooo many I have seen and loved. I loved the ones that were built on old trucks , I love the ones built by Jay at Tumble Weed. I loved the Narrow boat houses , the tree houses .. heck , I really enjoy reading and seeing all the pictures on the Tiny House Blog , I think it’s so Awesome !!
But if I have to pick just one , it would be the Tiny House built by friends Evan and Babby. ( http://tinyhouseblog.com/stick-built/built-by-friends-evan-and-gabbys-tiny-house/ ).
I really love this house for it’s rustic features and I really loved the way they did the loft with the privacy doors as well as the front porch. It’s really a Tiny Cabin I could see myself living in.
I have always wanted a rustic cabin in the mountains. And this Tiny House built by Evan and Gabby’s Tiny House would be perfect for my wife and I. We could tow it up on the Bighorn Mountain and live in it all summer long for free. Evan and Gabby’s Tiny House is a Tiny House I could live the rest of my life in. ( my wife however… that might be a problem. LOL )
So there you have it. I really hated to pick just one , but I would love to hook up to Evan and Gabby’s Tiny House and live my summers in the cool breezes of the Bighorn Mountains.

( Because I am disabled I can not travel to Washington to stay in Dee’s Tiny house. But I would have loved to. Sure would love those Vardo plans though. :O) )

Tom - May 28, 2012 Reply

My favorite posting has to be Blonde Coyote’s Teardrop Trailer. We live in the high desert canyonlands of western Colorado and would love to own a teardrop someday. The posting was inspirational.

Marian - May 28, 2012 Reply


It was hard, as many others said, to narrow down to just one. This recent post was my favorite because it’s the closest to what I want to build eventually. Thanks for sticking with this! I am in love with Tiny House Blog!

Radiofish - May 28, 2012 Reply

This blog is on my “Visit Every Day” list. Thank you Kent for keeping it going and keeping it classy! The ad-level is perfectly not-annoying which I always appreciate. 🙂

My favorite post was the on about Simon’s tiny house, built into a hillside. His house is my favorite because simply because it was so completely and utterly beautiful. I love the hobbity homes.

Michele - May 28, 2012 Reply

Oh my goodness! You want me to select just one blog? No can do…. I have absorbed bits and pieces from so many contributors, it is difficult to point and say ‘ah, this one!’.

Since childhood i have been very keen on small, multifunctional living spaces and wanted my own loft bed at the age of six. Now, decades later, i am in a place to finally realize those dreams and so much more (and less!)

This site has lede down a virtual rabbit hole of paradigm- shifting sites and blogs. And Kent’s work on this site has connected me to an international community of like-minded people.

Jay Schaeffer’s work led me to this blog and I visit this site almost daily.

I also want to acknowledge Michael Janzen as helping me see the potential for a slightly larger tiny house. The challenge isn’t too little choice but rather what feels like unlimited options for our small house.

I also thank Dee Williams for explaining, literally, the nuts and bolts of building.

I will keep coming back here for inspiration and connection.

I would love to win, but really, I want you to appreciate how much I value everything you all contribute to nourishing my dreams.

Thank you.

Mama Minou - May 28, 2012 Reply

Let me just start by saying that although I have known about tiny houses for a while, I just discovered the blog! So I haven’t read many articles, but can’t wait to pore through the archives.

I just read the article about Chris and Malissa’s Tiny Tack House and could relate to the excitement Malissa expressed about creating something of her own.

Margo - May 28, 2012 Reply

Wow, that is a tough one! As a member of a couple that is building our very own tiny home (www.ourlife2thefullest.blogspot.com), I always check your site daily and am particularly inspired by the stories of other tiny housers, and how they have managed to redirect their lives to pursue their own small homes. I’m especially fond of the posts that connect me to other folks building tiny in the Pacific Northwest of the U.S., where we are located. 🙂

But to actually answer the question,

1.) My favorite post is “Means To Minimalism- A Chat with Tiny House Dweller, and Blogger, Tammy Strobel” which was actually a guest post by Deek Deidrickson on March 6th, 2012.

2.) I love this post because the interview that is transcribed with Tammy Strobel is quite frank and candid. She offers insight into what made her decide to “go tiny,” but also speaks to some of the genuine challenges which that lifestyle brings along with it. I find Tammy’s words inspiring as we build our own tiny home and prepare to live in it!


Elizabeth Bannister - May 28, 2012 Reply

I was introduced to your website early last year. My husband and I had just started house hunting here in Los Angeles, which has proven to be no easy task. If I recall correctly the first blog post I read was about a newly constructed tumble weed house. I was struck with the idea that we can live with just the necessities even somewhere like Los Angeles, where it seems bigger is always better. As my husband and enter into escrow on our first tiny house at 588 square feet, your blog has inspired me that our plans for the future can be Tiny 😉

Thank You

Marty - May 28, 2012 Reply

I actually enjoy most posts but am especially happy when I read about younger people coming who have discovered that “living small is actually living big!”.

I love reading about the logistics of living small, and the necessary changes to make it happen. I love interior photos as well drawings and sketches.

Thanks for all of your hardwork !

Amy B. - May 28, 2012 Reply

I loved, loved, loved the post about Dominique’s narrow boat! The interior was great and the concept of driving your home to work blew me away. Plus she had the vision to take something left over from the ’70’s and make it into a smart and cozy home. Very inspiring!!

Jan Shwetz - May 28, 2012 Reply

I would have to say Steve’s Shipping Container Cabin article was my favourite.

We had considered using shipping containers for a small home but couldn’t find any realistic plans. Steve’s article was so detailed it showed it was possible.

Thanks for all the great information. I look forward to reading your blog everyday.

Rachel B. - May 28, 2012 Reply

My favorite is the series on the tiny free house! I’m a recent college graduate and money is tight. But these posts have taught me to keep my eyes open to what can be used. I don’t have a whole lot yet for my tiny house, but I have procured windows and foam board insulation from my neighbor who works at a window factory. Other people I know will be tearing their barn down soon and promised me some wood. My parent’s took down some old cabinets that I will use. I have so many things ready for my tiny house, when I thought I would have to wait for seed money for my trailer. But by working to find these little things now, I will have less to do later, while I still feel like I’m working towards my goal, not just saving money.
The post gives me hope. Hope that I can eventually pay off my $30,000 in student loans, hope that I can make a difference to my planet and my future.

Kallie - May 28, 2012 Reply

My ABSOLUTE favorite post is the “Tiny House Build Along” because I know when I plan my own Tiny House Build that I can follow along and get tips. Also this isn’t really a post but I am in love with all of the pictures especially the “Tiny House in A Landscape” series. The one that struck me the most was the one in Columbia, Canada. I am obsessed with the green color and the fact that it is so remote. If I could build a tiny house for myself, it will definitely (hopefully) look something like this one. Oh– and the funniest post I saw was the “Unicat” post. Is that for real? And can I buy one..now 🙂

Thanks for posting and keeping up with this!!

Sarah - May 28, 2012 Reply

I absolutely love the ongoing posts of ‘Tiny house in a Landscape.’ Not only does it often provide landscapes that one can’t help salivating over; it gives visual representation of tiny places that don’t seek to overcome their surrounding, but harmonize with them. It’s really something to aspire to : )

Sean-Michael - May 28, 2012 Reply

Tiny Offices on Urban Roots. I even bookmarked it, because it shows that you can put so much on just 3/4 of an acre. My dream is to have a sustainable living situation but we are trying to sort out how much land we really need to make our dream a reality, and this article really speaks to that. Plus, I’m working on a community project around tiny houses and it’s good to see others incorporating tiny buildings into their community organizations and efforts: http://tinyhouseblog.com/stick-built/tiny-offices-on-urban-roots-farm/#more-23328

Samuel - May 29, 2012 Reply

Johnny’s Hawaiian Small House Story to include the Mortgage Free Tiny Home because of how honest, humble, patient, realistic, and creative Johnny was for building a tiny home.

Johnny was able to accomplish building a very affordable house in Hawaii, where most people dream of vacationing.

Johnny was very cunning in developing his house. The city wouldn’t approve such a small home, so he found a way to circumvent the building regulations by building a garage. He found electricians and plumbers in-between jobs because contractors wouldn’t work with him.

I admire the Johnny because he came across as humble. He knew the history of how people got their homes. Not once did I get the feeling Johnny was egotistical or demeaning towards the large home owners.

Long story short, the man inspired me.

Jeremy Romani - May 29, 2012 Reply

Tall Skinny house post. There were no other pictures of inside or floor plans but I like the look of this house over the ine car garage and am planning to build one just like it in the back of my yard.

Jessica - May 29, 2012 Reply

I love this blog and read it everyday. If I was forced to choose a favorite post I guess I would have o go with the posts on the Innermost House.


I love this simplicity and beauty of that small fireplace and the clean lines of the entire floorplan.

Pilgrim - May 29, 2012 Reply

There have been so many great posts and that makes it hard to decide. Many many honorable mentions, but I will list my favorite and a very close runner-up. First, and all time favorite is “Our Little Cabin Up the Lake” by Margy Lutz followed closely by Mike Moore’s “Mike’s Tumbleweed Mulfinger.”

I could list more favorites, but other commenters are doing that for me.

Thanks Kent for all you do for the Tiny House enthusiast community.

Katrina - May 29, 2012 Reply

There is no way I could choose a favorite without spending hours browsing the site and my own bookmarks (although that’s not necessarily a bad thing)!
I love reading the personal journeys of those who choose to live “tiny.”
Every single post fuels the fire within me to keep my “tiny living” dream alive. And when my family is ready, I know I’ll have a great resource for ideas, plans, tips & tricks.
Love this blog! Thank you!

Tatiana - May 29, 2012 Reply

My two favoriteMy two favorite posts are most definitely tied, but they share one thing in common- they have brought me one step closer to my tiny house dreams. The first is your post ‘Yestermorrow Design/Build School Class,’ and the second is the ‘Tiny Tack House.’ Your blog does a wonderful job of not only educating about the wonderful and diverse tiny house universe, but also inspiring people to get out and make their daydreams a reality. When I found your blog I was new to the Tiny house world, but within a week I had read your blog back to the beginning. Your post on the Yestermorrow school has convinced me to travel up to Vermont next summer and get to work on earning my Natural Building Certificate (including their tiny house build course). The Tiny Tack House post was not only completely charming, but the first-person narrative made building a tiny house seem not only completely feasible, but as fun and engaging as I have envisioned. Thank you for creating such an educational and inspirational website!

sara - May 29, 2012 Reply

I look forward to getting my tiny house fix daily. One of my favorites has been the Coolest Little House in Seattle:


I love the airiness and those stairs are fantastic! I would love to live there.

Keep up the great work.

Rachel - May 29, 2012 Reply

I’ve been reading this blog for probably 2 years now and there have definitely been some amazing posts here. This was one of the first places I learned about the Tiny house movement so its difficult to chose just one post.

However, recently the Tiny Tack House Post had me completely captured. http://tinyhouseblog.com/stick-built/tiny-tack-house/

The photo’s in this post were simply amazing. I also loved that cat’s were featured. A lot of us live with animals and I really loved the way Chris and Malissa incorporated cat-essentials into their home. I also loved the open pantry set up in this home. Out of all the tiny homes I’ve seen, the plans and layout for this one seems just perfect for me.

I love this blog and I’m ashamed to say I believe this is my first comment. Thanks for creating a space for dreamers to dream and doers to have a great resource!

Suzanne - May 29, 2012 Reply

I look at the Tiny House Blog everyday…usually first thing in the morning. It makes me smile. I have two favorite posts…Dominique’s Narrow Boat and most recently, The Tall Man’s House….That one especially has gotten me interested…showing it to everyone who will look! Thanks so much for your blog.

Trish Flett - May 29, 2012 Reply

Johnny’s Hawaiian Small House Story to include the Mortgage Free Tiny Home.

Johnny’s House has inspired me to start downsizing now and start building my tiny house that eventually I will move to a small piece of land near the beach. Either for retirement purposes or to live and work.My husband and I now both read the blog faithfully via email and online and are constantly looking at how we can downsize and live mortgage free. Our kids are at the age where they are starting to become interested in tiny houses and living in them during college and hopefully life long for debt free and greater enjoyment in life. All of the articles give us the slap back into reality that we don’t “need ” all the consumer crap that we have. Thank you for sharing all of your posts with us.

Davo - May 29, 2012 Reply

Hemloft for sure, incredible pictues, great backstory, tons of questions and controversy. It is definitely a good example of living tiny, but it also brings to light the issue with the current tiny house conflict with current code and zoning standards and it is an excellent example of a tiny home that isn’t just a box on wheels.

Stephanie - May 29, 2012 Reply

I was truly inspired by the Kanga Room Systems post in April. I have been following your blog for some time and was disappointed by the lack of modern-style tiny homes. Then I saw this post. And even better, I recently moved to Austin so I was doubly happy when I realized I could see them in person after a 10-minute drive. I am now brainstorming business ideas using them in the hopes that I can one day own a successful business working for myself and simultaneously promote sustainable, tiny house living.

Dreda - May 29, 2012 Reply

The float cabin in British Columbia, Canada. I enjoy the variety on this site. I guess the float cabin is my favorite because that is the one I’d love to go vacation in!

Laura - May 29, 2012 Reply

I love seeing all the tiny houses, but my favorite post was about the family size tiny living: http://tinyhouseblog.com/tiny-house/family-sized-tiny-houses/

My husband and I were interested in living in a tiny house before we started a family, but as our family grows, it has seemed less and less practical. We’re interested in living with the same economic and ecological simplicity, and a general tiny ethos, but finding how that fits with a growing family. I loved reading all the comments on that post, and I would love to see more discussion on large families or multi-generational families and small living!

Kevin - May 29, 2012 Reply

I really liked the recent post “Powering our Tiny House, The SolMan Portable Solar Generator”. I’m just about done with my Tumbleweed and am considering doing solar power, so it was a very timely review!

Andrew - May 29, 2012 Reply

Well, I came to the comments section with a post in mind, but then I made the mistake of reading other peoples comments before I began my post. Now I’m second guessing myself because I’ve just been reminded of so many other posts that I’ve read over the years. I’ve found so many great ideas for the tiny house I’m slowly building here in Albuquerque. But…I’m going to stick with my first impulse and say that the Hemloft is my favorite post. It’s such a beautiful design. I like to think of my tiny house as an escape pod, but the Hemloft really looks like an escape pod. A little Faberge egg of a place in such a perfect setting. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

Colleen - May 29, 2012 Reply

Dee’s tiny house is my favorite. My husband and I are considering building our own it would be so much fun to stay a night in her little home.

Sara N. - May 29, 2012 Reply

Although I look forward to every single one of the Tiny House in a Landscape posts, my favorite building so far is the E.D.G.E. As an older person, I am pleased to see stairs that actually look navigable at night, I like the water cachement system, and the beautiful louvered walls.
I also think Deek Deidricksen’s videos are a hoot.

Samantha - May 29, 2012 Reply

I have only been following your blog for a little over a week, but I check in multiple times a day looking for info! I would say my favorite post is the one that led me here, Tiny Washing Machine. My husband and I were looking at moving our small family into an RV for a job prospect he was looking at. I knew if we lived in an RV we would be in a remote area for a week or two, with no hook ups. So I began researching things I knew I would need. We have a one year old son and we cloth diaper him, so my first thing to look up was mini washing machine. I happened upon Laundry Alternative’s Wonder Wash. I began looking for more info on the Wonder Wash and found this blog that introduced me to Tiny Houses. We have fallen down the rabbit hole thanks to you! Like I said, I’ve only just discovered the tiny life and we have already been up to the Sebastopol area in search of seeing one up close and personal. We found a couple and got to tour them, all because tiny dwellers love the Wonder Wash! I think it’s pretty awesome that one is up for grabs as well! Thanks for the introduction. 😉


Maggie Price - May 29, 2012 Reply

Oh goodness! I have to pick just one!? I have been obsessed with your blog for the passed 9 months! I catch myself planning my little house during the day at work and talking about it non stop with my husband! The most recent one that I have enjoyed is the Tall Man’s Tiny House…. I love the layout of the house! Also Intermost House was one of my favorites too!

ThomasV - May 29, 2012 Reply

My favorite is the Floating Guest House: http://tinyhouseblog.com/floating-homes/floating-guest-house/

I love the overall design. It seems larger than 332 sq ft. It’s the perfect size for me.

Tanja - May 29, 2012 Reply

Congratulations!!! I love your blog everyday, but my two
Favorite posts were the Innermost House and the Homemade
American spaceship. I love these two examples of tiny house living
Because their owners are true to themselves and inspire me to
Live small.

Catoctin Mountain Mama - May 29, 2012 Reply

This is a tough assignment. There are so MANY inspiring posts…but I think my all-time favorite would have to be on the Inner-Most House. In my humble opinion, it is the most exquisite house of ANY size. Thanks for introducing the world to so many Tiny Homes, you are doing a wonderful service!

Ben Funk - May 29, 2012 Reply

My favorite post would have to be the “Tiny Seattle Apartment” from August 24, 2010. I’ve only been reading the blog here for about 6 months but over a few days of free time I went back through the archives and found this gem.

I picked this one because it’s the one that taught me the the most about how to most efficiently use a small space to create as much functionality as possible. There are multiple seating, living, and sleeping areas, a comfortable bathroom, and all the storage the tenant needed. As my interest in tiny house living grows, it’s dwellings like this that piqué my creative interest!

Jessica - May 29, 2012 Reply

Mad Woman in the Forest is my favorite post. Mostly because I love the fact that the house was designed around that crazy window. You would think with a window that large most people would make a large house to match. I love the fact that it was left as the defining element of the house.

April - May 29, 2012 Reply

Congrats on five years! If I have to pick one post that I keep going back to, it’s Derek’s Tiny House Tour http://tinyhouseblog.com/stick-built/dereks-tiny-house-tour/. I don’t know why I just always loved that post, I think the house just had some great little features and a slightly different layout. This is my favorite blog and here’s to another five years of great posts!

Yvonne - May 29, 2012 Reply

Is Carlos really homeless if he lives in a tiny house under a New York City subway tunnel–fridge, utilities, espresso maker and all? The jury’s still out on that one. But there’s no doubt that last May’s “Tiny House Under the Subway” struck a chord with me that continues to resonate. As someone who’s been sold on tiny house living for years and is finally preparing to make the sizable leap from clicking from through tiny house/shed/cabin blogs to actually building a mortgage-free Popomo in 2013, the community’s emphasis on tiny houses in suburban, exurban, and rural settings (often on donated land) can be demoralizing for a city mouse like myself. I may not want to follow in Carlos’ footsteps to that NYC subway tunnel, but that post really made this major urban city resident’s heart swell with the possibilities. Many thanks for everything you’ve done for all types of tiny house enthusiasts over the last five years! You’ve given so many readers the tools they needed to take their tiny house dreams off the screen and into the real world.

misty - May 29, 2012 Reply

One of my favorite posts is living simply in small houses. April 10, 2012. I love the way this post brings small homes and style together in a way that feels realistic and attainable especially for those with families.

Kate - May 30, 2012 Reply

My favorite post is Kirstens Innermost House video. I just love Diana she seems so quiet and peaceful. I love the idea of being off the grid. It would be so easy to keep the little house clean. I love your blog and I hope myself to live in a tiny house someday.

Ben Brown - May 30, 2012 Reply

I’m sorry, but I will have to be disqualified if I can only name one story. I have to name two. The Tiny Tack House and the story about the San Francisco/Hawaiian man. The reason is one, the San Francisco/Hawaiian man removed my excuses of not having the money upfront to build a tiny home. I could buy and collect materials even on minimum savings/low income. I could become free, one bite at a time. {very underemployed, I am doing that now.] The Tack home – shattered my concept of a tiny home being a nice simple adequate home to it being even more inviting and comforting as my brother’s McMansion with no sense of asceticism – though it does not consume the planet. The home is harmonius, homey, contemporary, attractive, inviting, comfortable, luxurious and more. I have found this the most attractive interior tiny home design I have yet seen. The couple who designed this really could teach the tiny house movement a whole bunch (or at least me.)

Dwills - May 30, 2012 Reply

Tiny House Under the Subway-Reason I like this so much; I was amazed at how resourceful this man was/is. I felt like the blog entry shed some light on those forgotten in our society that out of necessity have to have a tiny home/shelter. I live here in Portland, OR and we have a huge and growing homeless population and to see what some of them endure on a daily basis amazes me. They are so resourceful. I really enjoy entries on humanitarian relief and those that shed light on real life situations where peoples circumstances led to them downsizing to smaller housing. Lastly I also have a soft spot for videos, and this entry had a video attached.

Cait - May 30, 2012 Reply

The Victorian cottage is easily one of my favorites. I’m not a huge fan of most of the rustic interiors of some tiny homes and I’m not too keen on the modern look of some of the others, so this one is gorgeous to me. As someone who crafts a lot I also really like the idea of having different housing units for eating, sleeping, and working.

Shelby C - May 30, 2012 Reply

I was incredibly inspired by the post “Tony’s Hornby Island Caravan”. This post really exhibits how tiny house living can inspire home design to be a custom fit. The simplicity, beauty and ‘everything in its place’ aesthetic inspired me to live a life where everything has a purpose. The designers worked with Tony’s preferences to create a home that fit all his needs and maintained a sense of simplicity and natural beauty. A beautiful, luxurious dwelling trimmed of any excess, this tiny house it truly a home.

vina lustado - May 30, 2012 Reply

i’ve been following your blog for several months now, and i how i wish i found it earlier. it has inspired me to build my own tiny home on wheels, and i’m so thrilled about designing and building my own tiny home! so many great ideas and inspiration from here (the tiny tack house especially helped me envision my space).

although i find value in all your posts, the one about the hemloft resonated with me. as an architect/designer and outdoor enthusiast, i can really understand his motivations for building this gem of a treehouse. what a creative and resourceful young man!

Breanna Smith - May 30, 2012 Reply

My favorite Tiny House Blog post is “12 x 24 Home in Nome, Alaska,” (http://tinyhouseblog.com/yourstory/12-x-24-home-in-nome-alaska/) because it’s my hometown! I adore tiny houses, and they are fairly common in rural areas in Alaska like Nome due to expensive real estate, but they don’t get much publicity. I’d love to build a tiny house in Alaska some day. It’s my dream, and this post is my inspiration!

Peter Simon - May 30, 2012 Reply

My favorite post is about the 16 year old that was/is building a Tiny House because it inspired me to final take the plunge. Keep up the good work!

Krystal - May 30, 2012 Reply

My favorite post was about the Tall Man’s Tiny House because it introduced me to a whole new outlook on how a tiny house can be built and designed. I really loved the modern look to it and the fact that the builders used their space wisely. I also like how that it can accommodate tall people, but can also be easily also altered for short people like me. The Tall Man’s Tiny House presents a new view on tiny houses in general and I am glad it is a part of the ever growing tiny house movement. So, thank you tiny house blog for creating a blog post about the Tall Man’s Tiny House.

John Shannon - May 30, 2012 Reply

My favorite post was “Living Large in a Tiny Place” on February 8th, 2011.

I loved the clean lines of the re-done Airstream. I began following Long Long Honeymoon after seeing them on your blog and have had a fascination with those shiny tubes ever since.

Rich Baker - May 30, 2012 Reply

Congratulations on the big anniversary! The Tiny House Blog is my favorite. My favorite post was 24 rooms 344 square feet from April 30th, 2010. The sliding room idea was inspiring and a testimony to what can be accomplished in a small space. There are so many great ideas out there and your blog helps bring them to light. I have my kids hooked on ideas they see on the blog and they are designing their own tiny house. Keep up the great work!

Paige - May 30, 2012 Reply

My favorite Tiny house thus far is “Simon’s Eco-House”. I hope to one day live in a little hobbit hole and I think that the concept of building your home from primarily the materials around you is pretty awesome especially considering how amazing that house is. I like the idea of having not only a tiny house, but a tiny impact on the environment I’m a part of.


I lurk on the tiny blog quite often- especially lately because my partner and I just purchased our own tiny A-Frame house in the forest and I can’t wait to get out to it and get started, we leave tomorrow actually. I’m rambling, but I hope to have a little blog when we have more exciting things to share… and perhaps I can share our adventures on the tiny house blog.
**happy five years tiny house!

Carmen - May 30, 2012 Reply

I don’t have any favorites. I just like seeing all the great applications of tiny houses people have created. I won’t give up my feed subscription to this blog!

Shoop - May 30, 2012 Reply

I only just discovered this website, thank you for posting so often! I admire a website that is well maintained.

Susan - May 30, 2012 Reply

My favorite tinyhouse blog is most definitely the one about the low impact house in Wales. It was the first tiny house I ever saw, online, that I realized was a tiny house and the first time I visited the site. Ever since I’ve thought of this house over and over. I saved the pictures of it, I’ve emailed them to people and gone back to the page so many times whenever I was daydreaming about my future. The blog entry was my favorite because it’s inspired over the past few years and helped me to take a step forward in changing my life which will help change the planet. I left my job that I hated and went back to school and all with the hopes that I will be able to live the life that I really desire and will be the most beneficial to the planet which includes my living in a tiny home and becoming as self sustaining as possible. Whenever I feel a little down or worried about the future I sometimes go back and look at that entry(for real!) and it inspires me all over again. I won’t have the same house as the Wales house featured in that entry, but it opened my eyes up to a whole other possible life.


    Kent Griswold - June 3, 2012 Reply

    Susan please contact me via tinyhouseblog@gmail.com. I sent you an email but it it may not have gotten through. You are the winner of Lloy Kahn’s book and I need your address to send it to you.

Sylvia - May 31, 2012 Reply

there are so many beautiful and inspiring little houses, it’s hard to choose one, especially because they are so different, but mostly very lovely. The most inspiring I think is the Innermost house, because it is so peaceful.

Michael - May 31, 2012 Reply

My favorite post so far is definitely the Innermost House. The tour and essay you wrote on your visit captured the essence of tiny living for me. That couple seems to have attained a kind of inner simplicity that is exactly what our culture needs to start resonating with. The house is merely a reflection of the changes they have made within their own souls, and I found to be so moving. The way it is set into its landscape, the way everything in the house is so organic and beautiful and sacred feeling, the way Diana communicates her thoughts and feelings…to me Innermost house represents the ultimate tiny house living experience, and I’m so grateful you shared it with us!



Greg - May 31, 2012 Reply

First off, I would like to wish you a very Happy 5th Anniversary! and thank you for all that you do in bringing so much joy and happiness into the lives of so many with each post that you make!

In the mundane world of adulthood, I play the role of a Healthcare professional… but deep down, in my heart of hearts, I am a gypsy! So I am very partial to the posts on gypsy, vardo and sheep wagons.

My favorite post of all would have to be the Horse Truck Hermitage (http://tinyhouseblog.com/stick-built/horse-truck-hermitage/) from October 2009. Not only did you introduce us to a new alternative tiny home opportunity, you also ( as is the case of most of your posts), allowed us to peek into the lives of those who are actually living the tiny house lifestyle. In the case of this particular post, I have been able to vicariously live the life of a modern day gypsy through Rima’s stories, pictures and posts via her website and blog.

Thank you again for all that you do! For opening the worlds eyes to the not so tiny world of tiny houses! You offer daily inspiration and keep kindled the flame of passion in the hearts off all of us who hope to someday be as fortunate to live the life of all those we read about…

Pat - May 31, 2012 Reply

My favorite was about the guy that was a housekeeper in the Bay Area and slowly built his beautiful tiny house in Hawaii. He is so inspirational and it shows that with a lot of discipline and a little creativity you can get to where you want to be in life.

Margaret - May 31, 2012 Reply

My favorite post would have to be Jason’s One of a Kind Tiny Home:
Simply because his design, trailer size, and cantilevers influenced my own build so heavily! As successful as I have been on my pre-tiny-house-move-in “no more stuff” campaign, I sure would like that induction cooktop 🙂
And my sincerest thanks for keeping up this awesome blog. Whenever I tell people what I’m doing, I say, “It’s a real thing! There’s a blog for it!” and send them your way 🙂

Amy - May 31, 2012 Reply

“Straw Bale and Tiny Homes” was one of my favorites. This style of housing is efficient and can be very aesthetic with the curves and cute little nooks carved into the walls. It satisfies the right and left brain in a very pleasing way.

mrs. eccentric - May 31, 2012 Reply

one favorite post??!?!? on this blog, it’s pretty much a new one every week 🙂 however, it’s most likely whatever post popped up on my web search for Jay Shaeffer that led me to your blog. Once i saw this blog i was hooked!!

The other contender would be your post on Sandra Foster’s little Victorian cottage. my fantasy! I have a style site where i’ve described my own clothing style as ‘a mix of cobwebby victorian and the ruggedly utilitarian’ – you can see where Ms. Foster and i would be on the same vibe.

I also appreciated seeing a ‘his and her’ approach to living spaces, done tiny. About 15 years ago i helped house sit for a couple outside Sebastapol. They had a couple of acres with two mobile homes a ways apart, for him and her. Having very aesthetically different places to be in makes your living area seem so much larger!

My husband and i want to live in a tiny place some day, and i’m interested in the two tiny places plan. He thought i was nuts. But having a concrete, gorgeous, working example to show him has opened his mind to the possibility.

Thank you so so so very much! Congratulations on your five years!! steph

Mel - May 31, 2012 Reply

There are two posts that I re-view. One is the red cabin in the woods (can’t remember exact name), as for me it is one of the most practical, live able houses on the site. The other is the “restful” house, the one owned by the couple who do counseling/advice for people. That house is somehow so serenely perfect, yet simple,it is pure wonder. Thanks for a great site that has provided so much inspiration….

Elizabeth - June 1, 2012 Reply

The post on Innermost House was wonderful. Just reading about it made me feel so peaceful.

Moontree Ranch - June 2, 2012 Reply

It has to be my own…cabin build in New Mexico…not to detract from the hundreds of other great builds…but because it was built with my own tow hands and I have a deep spiritual connection to the place.

stepping beyond my own build I found the caboose post to be one of my fav’s.


Having spent a night in the caboose at strawberry park…it combine both the nostalgia of Rail roads and tiny homes.

Anita - June 2, 2012 Reply

Kirsten’s Innermost House captivated me entirely in its design. . .and its purpose to facilitate conversation (and de-stressing). I was amazed at the spareness that is quite inviting. An enchanting place.

Joanne - June 2, 2012 Reply

I know it is to late but I love all the blogs that have the tiny homes in nature — or the one’s that are unique — oh let’s face it I love every one of the blogs and I read them nightly.

Please do not stop!

Julie - June 2, 2012 Reply

Innermost House has change my life. Although I have followed and loved these tiny houses for a very long time, this is the one that has put it all together for me. It most closely matches the picture I carry in my heart. And because of Tiny House Blog I have been following the Innermost house site on Facebook and getting a great deal to think about in the area of simple living. Many, MANY thanks to you for featuring this tiny house, and my CONGRATULATIONS on five great years.

Kim - June 2, 2012 Reply

Innermost House has to be my favorite of all time. Not only the home itself but the lifestyle and what it represents is a long standing dream of ours. Diana Lorence writes beautifully and is certainly an inspiration.

Congratulations on your 5 year anniversary and many thanks to you. The content of your blog continues to educate us and brings hope to our dream of living simply. I look forward to each post every week.

Nancy Jordan - June 2, 2012 Reply

One of my favorites was “Kathi’s Doll house”, because it is very much my style. I love that it’s tiny, but still has the feel of a regular house. Also, I’m not crazy about climbing a ladder to get to bed.

Enjoy this site very, very much! Happy anniversary!

Anne Hodge - June 2, 2012 Reply

I know it’s too late to win one of the prizes but I wanted to tell you that I really love your blog and the especially the galley pictures, it has propelled me into buying a aluminum shed and fixing up “a quite zone”, to go to when life gets overwhelming. I live in a house with 10 other people and 4 are children under 6. Between your blog and “my quite zone”, it keeps me sane. Thanks so much and keep the blog coming.

Meghan - June 13, 2012 Reply

I know the contest is over, however I’d like to contribute anyway:

My current favorite (it changes about once a month when I read a particularly delightful new post)is “Tiny Tack House”

I LIKE this post because of the story, and the way that any average Joe can relate to it. Malissa and Chris aren’t wood-smiths, or skilled builders, yet they still made their dream a reality.

I RE-READ this post over and over again because it has a great order to it. I’ve been designing my own tiny house for a while now and hope to begin building and blogging by the end of this year. Malissa lays her build out really well in this post, and also on her own blog.

I LOVE this post because of the photos! I could loose myself in the beautiful and artistic photos of this tiny house, and often find myself “living” in the pictures.

I CAN’T GET ENOUGH of this post because I think it captures the essence of the Tiny House Blog: living a life teeming with color, experiences, order, and BIG happiness in a “small” space.

Thanks for a great 5 years!

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