Tiny House Blog Vacation

Tiny House Blog Vacation


I will be taking a vacation and returning August 8th and will only be publishing two to three times per week during this time. I am trying to make this a real vacation and am taking the bare minimum of electronic equipment. I will only have an iPod touch with me with limited internet access.

I want to encourage you during this time to dig back through the archives and learn what you can from them. I will not be responding to emails during this time, but I want to encourage you to still send in your stories and ideas for the Tiny House Blog. Send all correspondence to tinyhouseblog@gmail.com. Thank you for your faithful readership and I will return to normal daily posts when I return.


  1. Kent, have a great vacation, it is probably overdue. Thanks for sending the notification out to your readers.

    Have a couple of beers for me.


    Mark Frost.

  2. Kent,

    Have a wonderful vacation, I am sure it is well deserved…looking on your website has become a daily routine for me and I look forward to what your rested mind can conjure up!


  3. Have a great trip! I’d say you’ve earned it 😛

    And hey, maybe you’ll stumble across a great Tiny House in a Landscape while you’re there!

  4. Whoo hoo, bon voyage. Thank you for a great blog and for letting us know you’ll be having a break. Hope it is a relaxing and recuperative holiday!