Tiny House Auction

Tiny House Auction


I have covered this Tumbleweed Epu before. Built by the Healdsburg High School’s CASA (Construction and Sustainability Academy) and led by instructor Glen Schaezlein. I got to tour it again last Sunday at an open house located at the Healdsburg Community Church. You can read the previous post by clicking here.

This tiny house will be for sale later this summer by sealed bid auction.

The minimum bid is $37,000 and bids will be accepted later this summer. Comparable models of this tiny house sell for up to $46,000 and are not as well-equipped as this remarkable student project. More details about the silent auction will be available soon.

Email: healdsburgshop (at) gmail.com for more information on how to bid on the tiny house.

The tiny house is an “Epu” model, built from plans donated by the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company and paid for by community donations. The tiny house is an 89-square-feet, fully self-contained dwelling, complete with a sleeping loft, a kitchen with (tiny) commercial quality appliances and a stainless steel shower. It is finished in wood paneling with redwood shelving. The tiny house boasts a state-of-the-art LED lighting system, a tiny porch and a unique handmade steel porthole window in the loft bedroom.

Epu interior

Epu back


  1. I have a garden shed that is just slightly smaller and it has no appliances or shower, but I paid only $900 for it, so $37K seems way above the value here for me.

    • I’m actually disgusted with the price, especially since no explanation is given. I recently noticed a trend of some of the more popular people in the tiny house movement to take advantage of others with price that seems low when compared to a normal home.

      This exact house with Better wood quality (and little less wood interior) and slightly better plumbing including the trailer can be built for under $6,000.

      It really bothers me. I believe the point of the tiny house movement is to cut down on consumption. What will end up happening is mainstream will just turn the tiny house movement into another way to live, and pretty soon there will probably be financing on this stuff as well.

      THE point of tiny house movement is to completely BREAK the enslavement of the human species. It’s no MORTGAGES and steep monthly payments. It’s an end to being a consumer.

      Please don’t let the tiny house movement be hijacked and turned into another FORM of trendy consumerism.

      Tiny House is about lifestyle change… gardening, homesteading, living free without enslavement to bankers, and a corrupt and broken system.

      If your considering tiny house and downsizing to get to a point where you can live without even needing money, take a look at these great videos on youtube This guy has the right idea:

      You can make yourself something a bit bigger and better, for cheeper with less materials and waste.

      • Well said – I have had the same thoughts lately as I follow several sites.

        I see the “fad” of tiny house living among those who can afford both a traditional home and a tiny home completely destroying the original concept of the minimalist, tiny house concept.

        • I love tiny homes, the people, and the whole concept! That being said…I totally agree with the costs looking rather nuts! I starting to see that these prices are getting REALLY close to full size homes that I HAVE found out in the country. I will NEVER pay a mortgage again! Their needs to be simpler versions under 20k. If it’s barely more than a shed …so be it.

  2. You can get a used RV or fifth wheel that’s twice the size for less. I don’t see the appeal. Maybe if they were substantially cheaper than available alternatives.

  3. The Epu is one of Shafer’s best designs. I’m not sure what the current market value is for this model but if you can get past the price, it’s a well organized home.

    • I’m a fan of some of the tiny house design elements, that’s the reason I come to sites like this. I just use those elements in other projects…

  4. I’m wondering if the high price is because they’re using this as a fund-raiser? If so, what would the money be going toward?

  5. Well said! I can build a 2 bedroom cottage for that price. The whole idea is to be debt free or have a home with just a land payment which will be paid off in a few short years. Buyer beware! Sheds can make wonderful tiny houses and can be finished by the owner without having to pay someone to build it and keep away from the banks greed. Ever look when you visit a city especially down town. Who owns those tall buildings. I bet you already know. The banks own most of them tall buildings. And where did they get the money? Its our hard earned money that paid for them buildings. We need to wise up and get out of debt and stay out of debt. Use credit for free and pay the balance off each month, save money and buy your next car with cash and don’t buy more car than you need and keep the car until it cost too much to repair it. We all can live debt free and put the banks in their place.

    I am not buying that tiny house I will build my own period.!