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by Kent Griswold on August 9th, 2013. 3 Comments
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My good friend Greg Cater and former high school classmate recently started a blog about reclaimed wood. Tiny house folks are very much into refocusing products into their homes and many of you have used reclaimed wood to build your tiny homes.

Recently, Greg and I went on a tour of The Wooden Duck in Berkeley, California. Eric Gellerman the owner of the Wooden Duck gave us an extensive tour of the factory.

The shop is setup with a nice workflow in a horseshoe pattern. Raw materials are on one side and completed furniture comes out the other. Each piece is custom and unique. This is not a factory.

I would like to encourage you to go read Greg’s post by clicking on this link. We Were Green When It Was Just A Color. If you are interesting in seeing more of his projects sign up to his newsletter and check back regularly. Greg is currently posting twice a week and I think that you will find much inspiration and many project ideas by following the Reclaimed Wood Blog.

Greg and Erick

reclaimed wood tables

The Wooden Duck

3 Responses to “Reclaimed Wood Blog”

  1. While I salute the reuse of materials to keep them out of landfills and reduce destruction of living trees, I hope that the wood used for tiny homes and furniture is tested for several toxins that can be present – arsenic (pressure treated wood) and PCBs (wood floors varnished with ‘Fabulon’ in the 1950′s and 1960′s).

  2. Brooke Lambie says:

    Been to Wooden Duck many times and teak furniture, unique furniture, post modern designs with old wood are wonderful. Go there if you are a builder designer person.

  3. Benjamin says:

    I was just looking over their website. Really cool!

    Unfortunately their link to their “DUCK DEAL” newsletter isn’t responding to my (Safari) browser. I tried to send them an email about the problem but their email link on the Contact page isn’t working either.

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