Pure Salvage Living

Pure Salvage Living


We would like to inform you that we have launched the Puresalvageliving.com website.

This will incorporate the big picture of what Tiny Texas Houses has been able to accomplish over the last 6 years.

While still under development, Puresalvageliving.com already has loads of content and some great opportunities including a free membership that will soon allow access to plans, videos, a blog and forum and much more.

We are in the works of creating our first salvage mining expedition (a.k.a building deconstruction seminar) and need some participation in a brief survey. You can Click here or visit either website to participate.

Our goal in the up coming year is to transition into the Pure Salvage Living Movement through our membership sight and by teaching the hands on skills that will empower anyone who cares to make a difference.

In the months to come we hope to start a monthly newsletter that is full of anything and everything that is Pure Salvage and/or sustainable. From our projects and seminars that are open to members and the public, to links with bits and tips of info from insiders that are willing to share the latest new idea or think-tank with this ever growing movement.