Newfield, New York Tiny House

Carolyn from New York alerted me to this 14′ x 16′ shed/tiny house available for only $3,000 in Newfield, New York. Located just outside of outside of Ithaca, NY, it looks like it is most likely insulated as it is sheet rocked and since it is so cold in that part of the county Carolyn is pretty sure it must be.

You can visit the Craigslist listing here while it is still available. I have made a screen print of the ad below.

4 Comments Newfield, New York Tiny House

  1. Raquel Santiago

    Bloomburg must thing people complete idiots, because all he is doing is making smaller apartments so they can charge the same amount of rent and just make more money to stick into his pocket. I dont get how he continually gets to be re-elected as greedy as he is.


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