Free Shed in Northern California

Jenine who has built her own tiny house regularly scours Craigslist and found this Free Shed in Lake County in Northern California. I thought I would put it out in case anyone in the area would like to put it to use as a tiny house. I have another post coming out later this morning but thought you might want to know about this. Here is the link to Craigslist.

Free Shed ~ Barn Style 12ft long by 8 ft wide – 8 ft tall

  • You will have to take apart to haul away (there really isn’t any other way)
  • Shed is located in a back yard in the City of Lakeport.
  • (I believe it may have been a kit that was assembled in the back yard)
  • Again ~ this is free for whoever is willing to take it apart and haul it away,
  • located in the city of Lakeport.
  • Please reply only if you are serious about it and can remove it.

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Mara - June 4, 2010 Reply

I see a lot of free sheds offered in Craigslist. If you look at the photos of this one, it’s particleboard. I don’t know many people who’d want to *live* inside a house – tiny or otherwise – made of particleboard.

Recycling and reusing is great, but you/we need to be aware of the materials we’re recycling. Just because it’s free (aside from the labor that would go into disassembling) and small doesn’t mean it’s of value for use as a tiny house.

Living in something made of particleboard don’t really match with the thoughts that are behind the “tiny house movement.” Sure, than it’s recycling unwanted materials, but particleboard is about as toxic and un-green as you can get.

Tim - June 4, 2010 Reply

I think part of it is a persons need, if my only choice was between living in this, or on the sidewalk somewhere, I would be living in this withno problems what so ever. The inside of this shed looks to be in remarkably good shape. There dosnt appear to be any water damage on the roof or walls, its vented front and back. I would take it if I was close enough.

Cathy - June 4, 2010 Reply

Love that it’s FREE !! – The shed has protencial. Whoever gets it will have fun converting the shed into a tiny house.

reychael - August 13, 2012 Reply

I would love to have it its to bad its so far for me to come and hall back down im all the way in oakland ca and i need it for my yard to store many things,Im tired of getting my things stolen where i live ,I have had so many tings stolen from my yard i have installed security cameras but its still not enough so if any one knows of a shed close to me and its free please contact me .510-258-6504

Alan - April 6, 2013 Reply

I think we are looking at America’s future here, scaled down and cheap housing. Cheap to buy, cheap to maintain, heat and cool. I lived in a 6×6 dirty plywood room in Afghanistan for two years and it was OK. I am contemplating when I get to retirement if living in a tiny house is an option. So my question is how does this work with zoning and county and state laws? I figure if you buy land way out probably no one would care.

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