Dee’s Open House February 18

by Kent Griswold on February 15th, 2012. 3 Comments
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I just wanted to get a quick note up in case you were not following over at Tumbleweed. Dee Williams is opening her house to share it with you this weekend. If I lived closer and could make it up I would be the first in line to see it. If you can make it, do me a favor and take some pictures and a video so that you can  share it with me next week. I would like to give everyone an update on the Tiny House Blog.

My wife and I will be going south to visit our daughter over the Presidents Day weekend. I hope everyone who is able to make it to this open house enjoys it.

Here are the details:

When: Saturday February 18th from 12:00 – 4:00 pm
Where: 1617 Conger Ave. NW, Olympia WA 98502 Google Map

Photo courtesy of Tumbleweed Tiny Houses

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3 Responses to “Dee’s Open House February 18”

  1. Zaylinda says:

    I live just a few minutes away, I am really excited to go see Dee’s house. I will take some pictures, but my camera is about 10 years old now and doesn’t take the best pictures.
    I’ll share what I get with you, but I’m sure others will get better pictures.

  2. Hazel says:

    Oh, how I wish I lived close by. Dee’s my tiny home hero (heroine? ;-))!

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