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3 Things We’ve Noticed Since Going Tiny and Paying Off Debt

When we decided to minimize, simplify, and downsize to tiny home living a year ago, financial freedom was one of our driving motivators. Ours is a hard-working family who still lived paycheck to paycheck due to circumstances like medical bills and living in areas of high poverty and low employment (therefore, the living wage was […]

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11 Easy Ways To Downsize And Simplify, No Matter What Size Your Home

Downsizing and going tiny isn’t for everyone, but purging your closets and countertops of unwanted and unnecessary stacks of stuff is not only good for your household but great for your soul. Many articles support that clutter encourages anxiety. So, let’s partner together on this organizational journey. While my planner may be color-coded, sometimes my house isn’t. […]

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Surviving Simplified Living With Kids: 5 Must-Know Tips

The tiny living movement is growing wildly in popularity, however, it is important to really evaluate things before you decide to downsize-especially if you have kids in tow. We have been living in under 300 square feet for almost a year now and loving every minute of it. Our kids honestly thrive in this lifestyle […]

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